The best places to eat in Athens, Greece

Our favourite places to eat from our two day trip to Athens.

Alexia eats a spanakopita
Athens, Greece (2022)

Our favourite places to eat from our two day trip to Athens in April 2022.


Greek yogurt on a plate drizzled with a generous amount of honey and walnuts, and a cup of coffee
Greek yogurt with honey and walnuts, Stani, Athens (2022)

This small dairy shop has been in business since 1931. Order a traditional Greek yogurt served with honey and walnuts and coffee for a delightful breakfast.

Unbelievably creamy and thick, the tart yogurt is served almost like a slice of cake and is beautifully balanced with the sweet, fragrant honey and crunchy walnuts.

Address: Marikas Kotopouli 10, Athina 104 32, Greece

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Pastry filled with spinach being held and eaten by Alexia
Spanakopita, Ariston, Athens (2022)

A beautiful little bakery that's been around since 1910, located close to Syntagma Square. Though everything in here looked amazing, I ordered a spanakopita, and it was hands down the best one I have ever eaten (sorry, grandma!). Buttery pastry stuffed generously with savoury, soft spinach filling, this was a delicious treat!

Address: Voulis 10, Athina 105 62, Greece

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Telis Steakhouse

Platters with pork chops, fries, bread and tomato salad
Grilled pork and tomato salad, Telis, Athens (2022)

This place offers a really unique menu item. In addition to the deliciously juicy, grilled pork chops and crispy bread, you must order their warm tomato salad. It's like nothing we've ever had before! Smashed, grilled tomatoes are served saucy on a hot platter with feta, olive oil, spices and sliced hot peppers. You have to try this meal!

Address: 86 Evripidou Koumoundourou Square, Athens 105 53 Greece

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Bougatsadiko Psirri

Pastry and custard dessert cut into squares on a plate
Bougatsa and coffee, Bougatsadiko Psirri, Athens (2022)

Bougatsa is a classic Greek dessert that I grew up eating, so it's very nostalgic and close to my heart. Crispy phyllo pastry stuffed with sweet, warm custard inside. You really can't go wrong with this dish.

This place specializes in bougatsa, offering a variety of different kinds in addition to the classic style. They also make their pastry by hand and you can watch them working right at the front of the shop!

Address: Pl. Iroon 1, Athina 105 54, Greece

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Loukoumades Ktistakis

Greek donut balls on a place with sesame seeds and cinnamon sprinkled on top
Loukoumades, Ktistakis, Athens (2022)

This shop has been selling loukoumades since 1912. Loukoumades are essentially Greek donuts, soaked in a sweet syrup. Served the traditional way, these fried dough balls are topped with sesame seeds and a sprinkle of cinnamon. And, at Ktistakis, the loukoumades are crispy on the outside and unimaginably syrupy – each bite a drippy, delectable explosion.

Address: Sokratous 59, Athina 104 31, Greece

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