The 4 best places to eat in Milos, Greece in April

Here's our guide to the 4 best places to eat if you're visiting in the off season.

A blue dish with beef and eggplant and a white dish with octopus and chickpeas
OKTO, Milos, Greece 2022

Visiting Milos in April can be a challenge for foodies because much of the island is not open for tourist season yet. This means most of the restaurants are closed.

But this doesn't mean you can't find some amazing meals if you do visit in the off season.

Here's our guide to the best 4 places to eat if you're visiting in April.


Various dishes and photos of the restaurant patio overlooking a view of the island bay
OKTO, Milos, Greece 2022

Dining at OKTO was the highlight of our entire Greece trip. Located in Trypiti, OKTO's patio offers an unbeatable view with a perfect sunset. The food is stunning, this is a fine dining experience like no other.

We had three meals here in total, two breakfasts and one magical dinner.

Honestly I'm not sure what else I need to say. You MUST eat here.

OKTO: Trypiti 848 00, Greece

2. Gyros of Milos

Platter of cooked meats, salad and french fries
Gyros of Milos, Milos, Greece 2022

Gyros of Milos is right in the heart of Adamas and is a great stop for an affordable and tasty dinner. We split the Platter for 2. It's delivered to your table wrapped up in paper and is packed full of different meats, salad, fries and pita and served with tzatziki on the side. We loved this meal and the casual atmosphere of the restaurant.

Gyros of Milos: Μηλος, Adamas 848 00, Greece

3. Artemis Bakery

Bakery display case full of Greek baked goods
Artemis Bakery, Milos, Greece 2022

Anything. Everything. Located in central Adamas this bakery is bustling and offers a huge selection of traditional baked goods for a great price.

Artemis Bakery: ΑΔΑΜΑΝΤΑΣ ΜΗΛΟΣ, 848 01, Greece

4. Cafe Palaios:

Moist slice of cake with a preserved orange on top, cup of cold coffee frappe on the table behind it
Palaios, Milos, Greece 2022

We visited Milos during Easter weekend and had no idea that everything was going to be closed on Easter Sunday in Plaka. As we wandered through the empty streets, the scent of roasting lamb in the air, we started to realize we might not be able to find anything to eat unless we headed back down to Adamas.

But, Palaios had their doors open, so we popped our heads in to see if they were open for business. They were not. But, as Greek hospitality knows no bounds, the owners welcomed us in and offered us coffees and their last two slices of orange cake even though they were preparing for their Easter feast. They let us sit on their patio and told us just to leave the dishes at the door when we were finished, and so we did.

The orange cake was delicious. Sticky. Sweet. JUICY. I had never eaten anything like it before. And frankly I don't know if I ever will again.

Cafe Palaios: Plaka 848 00, Greece

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