The best place to eat in the Algarve


A small restaurant with a patio in Sagres, Portugal
Adega dos Arcos, Sagres, Portugal (2022)


The two words I wrote in my travel journal after we got back from our first dinner at Adega dos Arcos (yes, we went multiple times).

This place blew my mind. I knew I was going to get amazing seafood while we were down here, but the food at this restaurant was on a whole other level.

Honourable mention: Armazem

Before I continue gushing about Adega dos Arcos, I do want to mention that we had a fantastic meal at Armazem, a really nice spot in the main part of town.

I ordered the sea bass on the server's recommendation. Simply grilled with salt and topped with lemon juice, it was fresh, flaky and absolutely delicious.

Grilled sea bass, potatoes and salad on a table
Grilled sea bass, potatoes and salad

Alek got a giant meat skewer which he was very pleased with.

Alek looking pleased at a hanging skewer of beef and vegetables
Beef skewer with vegetables

The price point at Armazem was a bit higher (still reasonable though). This seemed to be the case for most of the restaurants found in the central area of the town.

But, all it takes is just a short walk out of the main part of the town to find the best place to eat in the Algarve.

The best place to eat in the Algarve

Restaurant front and dining area of Adega dos Arcos
Adega dos Arcos, Sagres, Portugal (2022)

Back to the main reason we are here. Adega dos Arcos. Holy sh*t.

As I wrote in my blog about Sagres, eating here was one of those "I'll never be the same again" moments. We came back two nights in a row and didn't want to try anywhere else.

I wish I could eat here every day.

This small, local spot has a chill, casual vibe. It gets really busy at dinner so make sure you go before it fills up. An array of fresh, beautiful seafood is available based on the day's catch and there is a great selection of other meats as well.

Everything comes with the standard tomato and onion salad (which you dress using the olive oil and vinegar at the table) and a pile of delicious, crispy hot fries or boiled potatoes.

What we ate

Prawns with fresh lemon 
Fish of the day €12
Grilled octopus €12

We also had grilled Iberian pork, a specialty of this region. It was fantastic, juicy and flavourful (we clearly were too busy shoving our faces full to get a photo).

The food here is simple. Rustic. Cooked to perfection. Mind-blowingly delicious.

Do yourself a favour.

Just go here and order as many things as you can.

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